A scene from Apocalypso as imagined by Al.

Al observes. Quite often. It’s one of her favorite pastimes.

Her favorite thing to observe is people: what they do, how they do it, why they do it. It’s no wonder she turned to the study of psychology to help her better understand people. She then started talking and listening to them, especially those that she met at gaming and literature conventions.

And she then found people to be even more fascinating. So much so, that she decided to write a book that featured an unusual kind of person: the person who is so obsessed with immediate and trivial detail, that he forgot to notice himself and the world around him.

Apocalypso: The World’s Most Dangerous Dance is a epic heroic fantasy-comedy set in the current, modern-day world.

Inspired by a mix of geek/nerd culture, mythology, and 30 years in the corporate world, Al has weaved the tale of the Every-Geek, Dennis Humphries. Dennis must overcome his fears and low self-esteem in order to save the world from obliteration. And to do so, he must face The Corporation of Hell.

Hell, LLC., as it is formally known in the corporate bylaws, has developed a video game, The Apocalypso, which, when played, will cause the downfall of Creation. This will enable the Shareholders of Hell to aggressively take over and merge Creation into Hell’s many corporate divisions.

Thankfully, Dennis does not have to perform this herculean task alone. To help him in his quest are three deities: Bast, the Egyptian goddess of joy, dance, and fertility;  Amarterasu, the Japanese sun goddess who presides over balance and harmony; and, Coyote, a Native American trickster spirit, who seems determined to get on Dennis’ last nerve.

Apocalypso: The World’s Most Dangerous Dance is a adult book to be published by Pandahead Publishing, and has a tentative release date of…soon. According to Al. It’s the best estimate she’s got right now.

In the meantime, feel free to download and read an excerpt from the work-in-progress here.