Al’s vision of the protagonist himself, Gigglesnort. If anyone knows the name of the artist who originally did this, please let Al know. Thanks!

One day, while bored at her 9 to 5 job in the corporate world, Al and her husband, Brett, shared a series of funny texts. He had made her laugh so hard that she typed “gigglesnort!” Her husband found the word to be so silly that he challenged her to create a character around the word. Al took it one step further: she declared she’d write a whole book from that one word!

She also realized that she wanted to share with young readers a motivating narrative about the plague affecting everyone young and old: Bullying. Using her knowledge of psychology, she has created a setting that shows how teasing, intimidation, and oppression can come from any direction, and how much damage it causes to all in its path.

Gigglesnort is a pink dragon that lives in the realm of the Crimson Dragons. Because of his different color, he is teased by many other Crimson Dragons for being different looking. However, he learns of the strength of friendship through his bond with his family, his closest dragon peers, and other fantastical creatures. With these allies, he understands how to deal with his tormentor and nemesis, Brimstone.

Gigglesnort, the Pink Dragon is a middle-grade book set to release in late 2019 by Pandahead Publishing.

In the meantime, feel free to download and read an excerpt of the book here.