Meddling Kids front cover, first edition

Like many people, some of Al’s best ideas have occurred while spending time in a bathroom. Back in 2004, Al had one of her best ideas while taking a shower one morning.

She wondered if there was a table-top role-playing game for people who have never played one before. At that time, she had played a little Dungeons & Dragons, a lot of White Wolf’s World of Darkness, Champions, and Star Wars: Edge of the Empire with friends. However, these games had quite the learning curve. She’d see thick volumes of source books, endless rules for the most mundane things, and dice–mountains and mountains of specially-marked, multi-sided dice. She was amazed that she never had to consult NASA just to have a character walk across a room!

Why not create a game with easy-to-learn mechanics and a simple explanation of what table-top role-playing games are? After all, fun should not require a slide ruler!

Thus, Meddling Kids the TTRPG was born. With the help of her husband, Brett Brooks, and a slew of great friends willing to beta-test, Al created a game for people of all ages, kids and adults alike. It has a familiar cartoon setting where players are a group of teen with a funny sidekick who use their wits to solve mysteries.*

Meddling Kids is an all-ages game that can be found in both digital and paperback-print form here:

Pandahead Publishing

Drive-Thru RPG


Or, contact Al through this site! If you are a games retailer who would like to sell this game at your store Al begs you to contact her! She loves retailers, and would be delighted to chat with you.

You can look and download an excerpt of the book here.

Al is now working on the second edition of Meddling Kids, and promises to release it in late 2020. She says if she doesn’t meet that deadline, everyone is welcome to smack her on the head with a rubber chicken with no repercussions whatsoever.

*Al is fond of telling everyone, “In no way does Meddling Kids the TTRPG infringe upon any property owned by Time-Warner or its affiliates.” It’s true. She asked them. They said it was okay as long as no talking dogs were involved. She readily agreed.