A Hand of Gold, the anthology that contains Al’s story.

When Al was asked by Brett Brooks to contribute a short story for his Pussy Katnip anthology, she couldn’t have been happier! After all, she is his biggest fan!

Her story is set in the world of Pussy Katnip, a feline nightclub owner and crooner–but when she drinks a potion made from an ancient family recipe, she becomes a wildcat who keeps the bad guys of Dogtown at bay. Brett’s novels are based on a public-domain comic from the 1940s.

Al’s story is set in the new, updated world created by Brett. Here, she tells of Mickey McKelly, a scruffy, down-on-his-luck opossum who helps find the murder of one of his best friends: a rundown racehorse named Field of Daisies. Al uses her extensive knowledge of horse racing and hard-boiled slang to create both a funny and touching tale, full of suspense and a cadre of unusual characters.

A Hand of Gold and Other Stories is a young-adult and older book, and can be purchased online here:


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Download and read an excerpt of “The Feeling is Pari-Mutuel” here.