I like nonsense; it wakes up the brain cells.
~ Theodore Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss

Al's Resume

Al enjoys telling tall tales, and she comes by it honestly. As a little girl, she delighted in hearing the improbable exploits of her grandfather’s squirrel hunting days. She enjoyed the recaps of the latest episode of her great uncle’s favorite rasslin’ matches, which often included a visual demonstration against an invisible rasslin’ opponent.

Al hard at work. Laughing.

But her immediate family provided her a set of interesting narrative skills. Her Dad, a master of puns, would create colorful explanations of science and electronics based on the stand-up comedy of Brother Dave Gardner and pre-Mayberry Andy Griffith. Her Mom, a real-life version of Our Miss Brooks, schooled her in the art of the acerbic come-back. Her brother helped her form a keen wit by introducing her to Monty Python and Saturday Night Live. And her sister, through no fault of her own, played the consummate Second Banana to her brother’s wit.

Thus, Al was given a perfect foundation for a descriptive and comedic style. She can’t help it–she loves to make people laugh.

At first, she shared her stories in the same manner as her Catawba and Cherokee ancestors: she told them out loud, often with a lot of different voices and animated gestures. She was known as the gal who had an entertaining story guaranteed to make you smile.

It’s only been in the last few years that she’s been writing these stories down, thanks to the encouragement of her wonderful husband Brett. Also, thanks to the thoughtful tutelage of her many writing professors at Kennesaw State University, she’s found a voice for a variety of styles besides humor.

With this new mindset, Al creates works that entertain, inform, and point out the absurdities in life. But she’ll also help us remember how wonderful the world can be.

A small collection of Al’s work.

Her published works:

“Personal Essays–HM Sakib, Bangladesh”–a short biography in the book Green Card Youth Voices Atlanta.

“The Marvelous Adventures of Miss Maggie”–the story of a little dachshund who lets nothing get her down.

“The Feeling is Pari-Mutuel”–a fictional short story in the anthology A Hand of Gold.

Meddling Kids–a book for first-time players of table-top role-playing games.

“System of a Downfall”–a fictional short story in the TTRPG adventure module Xcrawl: Three Rivers Crawl.

“Truth is a Stranger to Friction”–a flash fiction story now appearing in the online literary magazine Five:2:One–The Side Show!


Her works in progress:

Gigglesnort the Dragon Pink

Apocalypso: The World's Most Dangerous Dance

Jamie of Suburbia

She’s also working on an updated version of Meddling Kids (Sorry–no preview just yet).

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