I fail to see a flaw in this plan.
~Al Brooks

This is Al’s blog where she keeps her written work. Feel free to casually browse through, or whittle the day away while reading these stories! It’s a fun thing to do if you’re waiting at the doctor’s office or at the DMV.

Al does ask that, if you find a typo, please let her know right away!
She’ll truly appreciate it.

All The Things

All of Al’s written works posted to this site

Published Words

Al’s published work

Chicago Style Overcoat

A collection of crime noir stories about a hard-boiled copy editor

O Family, Why Art Thou?

Nearly-true stories inspired by Damon Runyon
and the Cohen Brother’s film O Brother Where Art Thou

Guggenheimlich Maneuver

Al reviews offbeat and unusual museums
Sad Note: this part of the blog won’t have any new updates until we’re ALL able to visit museums.

Just A Taste

Excerpts of Al’s fiction work in progress

And The Rest

Bits of prosaic balder-trash that defy classification!