I fail to see a flaw in this plan.
~Al Brooks

This is Al’s blog where she keeps her written work. Feel free to casually browse through, or whittle the day away while reading these stories! It’s a fun thing to do if you’re waiting at the doctor’s office or at the DMV.

Al does ask that, if you find a typo, please let her know right away! She’ll truly appreciate it, and possibly hug you for it. She’s like that.

All The Things

These are all of Al’s written works posted to this site.

Published Words

These are Al’s published pieces.

Chicago Style Overcoat

A collection of stories about a hard-boiled copy editor. The stories are written in a crime noir style.

Unqualified Praise

A collection of interviews with self-published authors. This section also shows Al’s ability to edit other writer’s work.

O Family, Why Art Thou?

A collection of nearly true stories written in a style inspired by Damon Runyon and the Cohen Brother’s film O Brother Where Art Thou.

Just A Taste

Excerpts of Al’s Works In Progress (aka, the beginnings of her novels that she swears are nearing completion). Named for the warning call Al’s sister would give when she wanted to eat your dessert, but not look like a glutton by getting her own serving. Al has no viable explanation for this.

And The Rest

Bits of prosaic balder-trash from Al that have no label. They defy classification!