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This is a discussion thread on where readers posted comments that flowed into a funny narrative:

The Hot Cocoa Sampler Box Complete Thread

However, if you’d prefer not to scroll through 590 posts, I’ve edited it down to the comments that comprise the story.

The Abridged Hot Cocoa Sampler Box

Image Story for Sum

Here is my image story for the chapter of Sum titled “Decent of Species.”

Download my image story here.

The Alter Ego Project: Analysis of Parker in “Whose Post Is It Anyway?”

Anger is not acceptable. This appraisal of a basic emotion is very prevalent in Western society. We are taught early in our lives to not express it, to hold it back, bite our tongue, turn the other cheek, and “…just chill out, bro.”


Read the complete analysis here.

The Podcast Project

My contributions to the podcast “Superannuated Hulk.”

The design of the logo/graphic for the podcast. An original vector drawing plus typesetting took 5 1/2 hours.

Episode Abstract:

Guest Decorator: Deadpool! (Allyson)

In one episode, Hulk finds that Deadpool, The Merc with a Mouth, is onsite to help with a couple who have just gotten married. Deadpool really doesn’t have any experience at all with renovation, but that doesn’t stop him. He connects the plumbing to the electrical, puts a ton of potpourri in the HVAC (he thinks Hulk is stinking up the place because of a weird lunch burrito that DP brought him), and he backs a dump truck onto the front lawn and dumps out a 30 foot golden statue of Buddha. Hulk runs wild trying to undo everything Deadpool does while trying to keep the young couple unaware of DP’s antics. Eventually, the couple finds out what Deadpool has done, and they find they actually like everything. As the happy couple admire DP’s work, exhausted Hulk realized that no one actually invited Deadpool to the set–he just showed up on his own. Hulk beats Deadpool into the ground, but because DP cannot be killed (his superpower), he just comically takes it and reads the credits between each of Hulk’s hits.