Al was more than happy to be involved with Green Card Voices: Immigration Stories From an Atlanta High School. She was a part of a team of student editors from Kennesaw State University who assisted a group of teen immigrants in telling the story of their journey to the United States.

Allyson worked with a young Bengali man, HM Sakib, who, at the time, was enrolled at Cross Keys High School. She transcribed his initial narrative from a video recording, then met with Sakib to develop his story further.

Collaboratively, they created a chronicle of HM’s odyssey from dealing with an abusive father in Bangladesh to adjusting to life in America with his mother and little brother. This experience not only helped Al honed her editing skills, but it also helped her gain a deeper understanding about the plight of immigrants in the current political climate.

Green Card Voices: Immigration Stories From an Atlanta High School is published by Wise Ink Creative Publishing.

Editing Example–Green Card Voices

Just making space.

With a lifelong love of both animals and games, Allyson jumped at the chance to edit Primal Tales, a table-top role-playing game that allows players to create and play an anthropomorphic creature. This supplement uses the Dungeon Crawl Classics rules composed by Goodman Games.

Al worked with both the author and the publisher to take a jumble of rules, regulations, and statistics to form an engaging and inspiring adventure. Because of Al’s past experience in developing role-playing games, she was able to insure the accuracy and readability of all the necessary charts and tables that are a part of any TTRPG (table-top role-playing game) rulebook.

Primal Tales is a supplemental book to Dungeon Crawl Classics by Goodman Games and is published by Pandahead Publishing.

All images courtesy of Pandahead Publishing.

Editing Example–Primal Tales

Just making space.

Al, with her usual display of flexibility and adaptability, pulled double-duty on A Hand of Gold. She authored a short story for the anthology titled “The Feeling is Pari-Mutuel” about a down-on-his-luck gambler who discovers his best friend has been murdered.

She also edited twelve stories from seven exceedingly talented authors:

Jeremy Hicks

Rob Howell

Terry Maggert

J. Fitzpatrick Mauldin

Joshua Robertson

And, yes, Brett Brooks. THE Brett Brooks.

With an eagle’s eye, she line-edited each story for mechanical missteps as well as insure that each narrative remained in step with the style guide, as well as the world of Pussy Katnip. She then collaborated with each author to develop a fully-realized crime noir, making the anthology work as a whole.

A Hand of Gold and Other Stories is an anthology of short story fiction based on the world of comic book character Pussy Katnip. This anthology is published by Pandahead Publishing.

All images courtesy of Pandahead Publishing.

Editing Example–A Hand of Gold

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