I used to think that the brain was the most wonderful organ in my body. 
Then I realized who was telling me this.

~ Emo Phillips

In May of 2019, Al proudly graduated Kennesaw State with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a minor in Professional Writing. She looks forward to continuing her education in graduate school to earn a Doctorate in Psychology.

At this time, Al is seeking a psychology internship!

If you would like someone who:

Al daydreams of Science!
  • Has knowledge of evidence-based psychology
  • Has excellent critical thinking skills
  • Has experience working face-to-face with clientele
  • Has basic office skills
  • Is enthusiastic, well-spoken, hard-working, and friendly
  • Comes equipped with her very own lab coat and clipboard

Then Al would be a great candidate for you!

Download her resume/CV here.

Al is open to either research or counseling, and is fascinated by the following subjects:

  • The Non-Heterosexual Community (LBGTQPA+)
  • The Kink Community and Sex Positivity
  • Play Therapy for Adults and Professionals
  • Humor/Comedy
  • Personality Disorders
  • Fandom Communities
    • Gamers
    • Furries
    • Media Enthusiasts (comic books, movies, tv shows, fantasy, and sci-fi)
    • Cosplay
  • Native American mental health
  • The Dynamics of Friendship
  • Grief Counseling for Owners of Deceased Pets
Al at Origins 2019 in Columbus, OH

Al has used her listening and empathy skills working at conventions. She interacts with convention-goers, carefully listening to their stories and encouraging them to talk about themselves and their passions. She’s been delighted to find that she communicates well to children and teens, as well as attendees who may be on the autism spectrum or deal with social anxieties.

Ultimately, Al hopes to pick up where Mr. Fred Rogers left off, and be a person who can show others that the world isn’t as scary as it may seem and that everyone is okay just the way they are.