Graphic Design Pricing

WARNING: This page contains humor.

It takes a lot of money to look this cheap.
~ Dolly Parton

Gird your loins. I will go ahead and rip off this Bandaid™ as quick as possible.
All prices are approximate and apply to the year 2023.

My Hourly Fee starts at $50.00.
Logos start at $400.00.
Book covers start at $600.00.
Book interior layout starts at 75 cents per page and $10 per image.
Flyers start at $100.00.
Newsletters start at $250.00.
Simple graphic illustration starts at $500.00.
Photo manipulation starts at $300.00.
Rush Fees start at $200.00.
Kill Fees are 50% of the estimated cost of the project (which is also your deposit/down payment).
Changes beyond the allowed amount start at $20.00 per round.
Any project not listed here: Let’s talk! I can be quite reasonable.

Short of breath? Pain radiating down your left arm? Dizzy? Faint?
Calm down, Francis. Before you call an ambulance, here’s what these prices are based on.
• 30 years of experience, skill, research, and creativity
• I pay for the cost of the computer equipment and software
• I also pay for my taxes, my own healthcare, my electricity use, and other business expenses

Take another breath. Now relax.

I have other fees that occur under special circumstances:
~ A Quickie Little Design I Could Use On My Etsy/Redbubble/etc. starts at $500.00
~ A Format That I Can Edit/Change Myself starts at $25,000.00
~ Reducing The Fees starts at $50,000.00
~ Make The Logo Bigger starts at $75,000.00
~ Making The Design Pop or Adding Wow Factor starts at $85,000.00 + one 1.75-litre bottle of Knob Creek Bourbon (no rye)
~ Do The Design Real Quick starts at $90,000.00 + one fully-functional 1963 Ferrari GTO
~ Do The Design Real Quick in Microsoft Word starts at $95,000.00 + one fully-viewable director’s cut of Orson Well’s film The Magnificent Ambersons
~ Do This One Last Change Real Quick I Swear It’s The Last One I Promise starts at $100,000.00 + one gram of man-made antimatter
~ Work That Will Be Good Exposure and Beef Up My Portfolio starts at $500,000.00 + one full-sized, fully operational Death Star with matching his ‘n hers gold lamé protocol droids

These prices are approximate and are subject to change depending on the scope of each project.
So, plan accordingly.