O-si-yo! Hello!

Why is she staring at the title of this website?

This is a little corner of the internet where the work of
Allyson “Al” Brooks lives. Here she shares those little things she creates.

If you’d like to see her written work, try out her blog, Crazy Talk.

For other things she’s created, just take a gander at these. Here’s a picture of her old family dog, Hund, that she drew at age six:

These are her famous, home-made oatmeal-chocolate chip-lemon frosted-bacon topped cookies:

And, these are a pair of old cowboy boots that she spiffed up:

She also likes to make jokes, make love, make time, make room in her heart, and make a nuisance of herself. However, the one thing she most enjoys making is friends.

So, if you think you can put up with a goofy, insightful, completely random, pansexual, paradoxical, coyote-therian-furry, cat-hugging, Bob Ross-watching, cartoon gazing, bourbon and beer drinking, happily married, occasionally ornery, loudly giggling, refutable Native American gal, then she’d be happy to be your friend.

She will like you just the way you are. And she may give you a surprise hug just to prove it.