Pricing For Copy Editing

Prices are calculated by the word count provided in Microsoft Word before any edits are made.

Light Edit: $0.01 per word

Moderate Edit: $0.02 per word

Heavy Edit: $0.03 per word

Example of Pricing

The editing costs of a 80,000 word novel:

Light edit: $800.00
Moderate edit: $1,600.00
Heavy edit: $2,400.00

Thus, an 80,000 word manuscript could cost as little as $800, or as much as $2,400.

The Caveat

I know. I can hear the screams inside your head. “What in the name of Max Perkins makes you think anyone can afford those prices?!”

I say to you, “Yes. It is expensive. With all earnestness, I couldn’t afford to hire myself, much less one of my peers to edit the manuscripts I have written!”

Why so much? If I may, allow me to direct you to a wondrous person, Ms. Belinda Pollard. She explains the reasoning behind the freelance editor’s pricing structure much better than I ever could. You may want to peruse some of Ms. Pollard’s suggestions regarding beta readers and self-publishing.

Go ahead; click the links and read. I’ll wait here in the meantime.

You’ve come back! Excellent! Thank you for returning. And I am thankful that you understand.

When you are ready for me, I will be ready for you. No pressure.