We’re gonna make some big decisions in our little world.
~ Bob Ross
Smyrna, GA is The Jonquil City

Allyson “Al” Brooks is from a growing suburb north of Atlanta, once recognized in 1988 by National Geographic as “redneck.” Now, it is more commonly known as the hometown of Julia Roberts:
Smyrna, Georgia.

Al in third grade.

As Al grew, so did her imagination. She filled her days with drawing animals, writing funny stories, and reading any books she found at home, in the school library, and (her favorite) the Smyrna Public Library.

As a young adult, she lived all over the northern Metro Atlanta area. She performed a variety of different jobs: mounting and framing artwork, filing away reams of paper, heading up teams of receptionists to answer telephones, and managing retail stores. Finally, in 1993, Al began her career in Graphic Design.

In May of 2019, Al graduated from Kennesaw State University with a B.S. in Psychology and a minor in Professional Writing. She acquired a vast array of knowledge and has vowed to use it for good instead of evil.

Darned happy to be edumacated.

These days, she still arranges objects nicely on a page, as well as writes funny words, edits the words that funny people write, and runs a funny nano-publishing company, Pandahead Publishing, with her best friend and husband, Brett Brooks.

From all her life experiences, Al has leaned to think on her feet, laugh in the face of adversity, and never be afraid to accept people as they are.

But her greatest joy comes from making people laugh. For her, it is…victory!

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