I’m just a gal from Smyrna, GA who has been designing and writing nearly all my life. I was conjugating verbs at age four (thanks to a mother who was an English teacher) and started sketching the family dog at age six (she was a chonky dachshund who didn’t move unless she absolutely had to).

These days, I enjoy helping people solve problems, push boundaries, and be great communicators. I like to make people laugh, too, but that’s something I do simply for the joy of it.

What I Do As an Editor

Frank is a master
of cat-like typing.
  • I promise to clarify the language a story without eliminating the voice of the writer.
  • I promise not to be a strict prescriptivist. Sometimes, breaking the rules can work. But to break the rules, you first have to know them.
  • I promise to be kind and caring, but also honest and fair. Yet, if the time-traveling character in your science fiction novel makes leaps in logic that are just too confusing, it’s my duty to point it out.
  • I promise to respect your time and your deadlines. I do my very best to give accurate estimates. However, we all know how life interferes with our hard work. When this happens to me, I WILL let you know ASAP!
  • I don’t take it personally if you don’t accept every last one of my edits. I present my editorial experience in the same manner General Foods presents that lovely photo of Jello Instant Pudding on the box: it’s a serving suggestion.

What I Cannot Do As an Editor

Muffin is always concerned about hyphenation.
  • Perfection. I’m human. I can (and may) miss a few things. Yet, I will always do my best to catch ’em all.
  • Obtain copyright permissions. Professionally speaking, that is the responsibility of the author.
  • Guarantee factual accuracy. That is also the responsibility of the author. I don’t possess the knowledge of all subject matters in existence (but that would be a cool superpower). If I happen to see something that seems a little off, I will point it out so that the author can choose to do a deeper dive into the research.
  • Numbering pages, indexes, and the Contents Page. That will be the job of either the Proofreader or the Book Designer, who do their magic at the tail end of book publication.

My Editorial Toolbox

These are the references I use to help me do my work.

The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition

The Modern Language Association’s Handbook, 8th edition

The Copyeditor’s Handbook, third edition

The Elements of Style, fourth edition

The Manual of the American Psychiatric Association, sixth edition

The American Medical Association Manual of Style

The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

Old Mr. Boston’s Deluxe Official Bartender’s Guide (not really; just seeing if you’re paying attention)

My Editing Specialties

American English. I am a native speaker & writer.

Non-Fiction: Biographies, Autobiographies, Self-Help, Psychology, and Tabletop Role Playing Games

Fiction: Fantasy, Crime Noir, and Comedy

What I Do As a Graphic Designer

• Logos
• Book Covers
• Book Interior Layout
• Anything That Can Be Printed
• Icon & Graphic Illustrations
• Photo Correction & Manipulation

• Simple-To-Fill-Out PDF Forms
• Ads for Print or Digital Spaces

What I Cannot Do As a Graphic Designer

Websites. I’m so sorry. I just can’t.
Yes, I’ve cobbled together this site. It’s a simple WordPress template with some CSS formed from papier maćhe and popsicle sticks.
I can put together all the images needed for a website (even the occasional animated gif).
But I’m not able to code a whole website. My HTML & CSS skills are not the best, and I don’t have the brainspace to grok Javascript.
However, I do know some very talented folx who can do a great site for you. Ask me; I’ll refer you to them!