Meddling Kids TTRPG

“HEY! Are you the person who did that role-playing game ‘Meddling Kids’?”

I sure am! You found me!

For those who are wondering what the heck I’m talking about, I’ll give a quick explanation. Many, many years back, I stepped out of the shower with a Shower Thought in my mind. I turned to my husband, Brett, who has a vast knowledge of the table-top role-playing game industry (think Dungeons & Dragons) and I asked him, “Hey, Hon…has anyone ever published an RPG for kids who’ve never played an RPG?”

He opened his mouth to speak, but his brain stopped him to cogitate on my query. After a moment, he replied, “Why no, I don’t think anyone has.”

A year later, in 2004, our little nano-publishing company Pandahead Productions put out Meddling Kids, a game for anyone (not just children) who are unfamiliar with role-playing games.

It was a long time ago (at least, it feels that way). I’ve been tickled that so many people have said so many nice things about the game, and that others will still ask about it. It’s not gone; it’s still in existence.

The Good News: you can still get a copy of the game!

If you’d like a digital PDF of the game, you can get that at Drive-Thru RPG here. Or, you can get the Kindle version here.

If you’d like a paperback copy, email me! The price for folx in the contiguous United States is $10.00 plus $5.00 for shipping. If you live outside that area, let me know–I’ll need to research the shipping price. In my responding email, I’ll give you the PayPal address for the payment. Once the payment is in, I’ll sign your book and mail it to you.

If you’re a retail games dealer, contact me through my email address. I’ll be happy to provide a discount. I will always have love for game shops, and I will do my best to do right by you.

Fun Free Meddling Kids Stuff!

The Errata (or stuff we kinda messed up, but this should fix it)

Character Sheets: one to print and one that’s a fill-out form

Wild Card Character Sheets: one to print and one that’s a fill-out form

Pre-Generated Character Sheets: a zipped file that has the character sheets of a few iconic Meddling Kids mentioned in the book

Hey, Al, Are You Ever Going To Update Meddling Kids?

I want to! Very much! I’ve been working on a better, more updated version that adds a lot more variety and a little more love to those good kids who don’t fit the norm. Thing is, I could really use some Beta Readers. If you’d like to be a Beta Reader for me, PLEASE contact me! I’ll be happy to send you a digital PDF of what I’ve got so far. Any suggestions you have would be appreciated. I’ll be your new Best Friend! Plus, when the new version gets released, I’ll put your name in the book.

Just think: Your Name In Print! Things will start happening to you THEN!

Hey, Al, What Happened To The Two Other Meddling Games You Said You’d Make?

I am so sorry–I know you’ve been waiting for forever for the next two games in the Meddling Games line: Meddling Spies and Meddling Heroes. This is my bad, and I apologize greatly.

Like many people, Stupid Life happened to me. I had a lot of things happen since the 2004 release of Meddling Kids. Brett and I lost our home (and we are still homeless). We had many close family members pass away (his parents, his brother, my mom, my sister). Our health has diminished (mentally and physically). Pandahead Productions took a financial hit from the gaming industry, so we’ve had to put it on the back burner until we can become solvent again. And so on.

As a result, I can tell you this with certainty: I have not given up on Meddling Games. Recently, I’ve had a wee bit of free time fall into my lap, thus I’m going to do all I can to give Pandahead new life. That means, I’ll get back to creating Spies and Heroes. I have no solid timetable on those projects other than “soon.”

But, I do appreciate your patience. All of you are so kind and wonderful. I’ve not forgotten you. I’ve just had to take care of Stupid Life, and it has really been annoying. I tell ya.

Hey, Al! I STILL Have Questions!

Man, don’t we all? That’s okay! Send me an email with those questions in it. I’ll do my best to give you the answers you need.

Just remember: I like you exactly the way you are.